Hi there!

On this part of the page, I’m gonna share some information about my pathway through academia (up until now) and my research interests.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Economics from LMU in 2014, afterwards I turned to Statistics (with a focus on social and economic studies) and obtained my Master’s degree in 2017 (also from LMU). Despite the “official” focus being on social and economic studis I developed great interest in medical applications, and most specifically in radio-epidemiological models which I also wrote my master thesis about (see: thesis and corresponding publication)
Shortly after starting to pursue my Ph.D. in April 2017, I stumbled across Natural Language Processing (NLP) and decided to dig deeper into what now has become the main topic of my Ph.D. thesis. Since then, the whole field is moving with lightenig speed and I am having the pleasure to work on this topic in these exciting times. I am especially interested in the (fair) comparability of large pre-trained language models (see article @swisstext+konvens 2020) as well as in their applicability to specific, challenging tasks (see article @coling 2020 and more coming soon).

Besides doing research, I am also passionate about teaching. I am mostly teaching introductory courses in statistics (@LMU and elsewhere, see CV) as well as NLP related courses and seminars on M.Sc. level. 2020 was insofar a very nice year, since I was able to (co-)create some great resources: together with the students of our NLP seminar @LMU we published a small booklet, which contains the seminar papers of the students (check it out here)and together with some former colleagues we published an accompanying script with lots of explanations and examples for our introductory statistics course for economists (you can find it here).